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Thread: FTD vs BREIN - Who will win?

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    I have a hard time understanding dutch (and online translation is not THAT good yet) but I really think that FTD is going to end up like SC and the other ed2k site.

    It's not possible anymore to link directly to the search results so they are really just working as an index for stuff and you have to manually search by file name. I dunno if it makes it any "better" regarding the case but I guess time will tell.
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    I have no idea about Dutch but I really cannot see what is illegal about linking to NZB site. Now I do use FTD, I guess they link to a search site? I see no difference in displaying file name and a user having to go to eg binsearch and search the file themselves. I may have wrong end of stick but it is just plain daft to link to something means you are breaking some sort of copyright law. The file exist take it up with the news provider or uploader.
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    ftd, of course.


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