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Thread: Are you less likely to read stickies than normal threads?

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    Somethng just struck me as I was posting on one of the stickies...

    How often to people really read them? I realize that the stickies have probably been there for a long time and you probably can't judge what I'm saying by the view counts.

    But it seems like, on any of the forums I've been on before, that stickies largely tend to be ignored. I feel like people just gloss over the top and go straight to the normal topics. I think that if you had a comparably similar sticky thread and non-stickied thread, the non sticky would be read alot more.

    People perhaps tend to always associate stickies with the rules - and who wants to read those I admit I'm probably a little guilty of it too, I rarely pay attention to stickies. So thats the irony of it all - stickies are put there so more people see it, but they tend to attract the least attent.

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    it depends on the forum.
    in this case, i came here with enough knowledge about most of the issues/discussions to not have worried about stickies, but but usually when i cross with some forum related to a specific problem i'm trying to solve, that's the first place i check for the right info.

    i guess it all depends from situation to situation.

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    For new posts within that sticky I agree.
    But overall the first post in a sticky is obviosuly going to be viewed more than a normal thread...
    That's the purpose for most stickies in the first place, to get the content of that first post viewed more often.

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    stickies are nice and handy

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    I used to think sticky's were rules but as time goes on I'm seeing them more as they are supposed to be, helpful. They used to be like the nazi's do as we say or you will be shot on the spot, Gladly though those times are few and far between or maybe its just the site i go on. Good question though.
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