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Thread: What Do U Use To Rip Dvd To Vcd?

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    What programs do u use? tell me about its quality.
    are there any good all in one programs for it?

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    Originally posted by w0gboy69er@5 October 2003 - 12:06
    are there any good all in one programs for it?
    I can get real good resultes from tmpgenc and cce (with avisynith)
    really need to try different stuff, I like the gordain kont process with tempeg others like cce

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    Rip The DVD Using DVDDecrypter & Encode Using Vidomi Or FlaskMPG

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    I always use Dvd2svcd and the Cinema Craft Encoder to convert dvd's to svcd. This program is really easy to use and it gives great results. More info on Doom9.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Thanks for your input guys. Is anyone familier with DVDx 2.2 is it any good?

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    Yeah,i havnt used that version but i've used dvdx in the past..its easy to use but the quality isnt that good.I also dont think it supports avis..Another way u could tri.Dvd decrypter,then dvd2avi to load the vobs,tmpgenc to encode to s,vcd.

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    Theres a program called EazyVCD which uses about 4 different programs (or demos of) to do the job in one for ya.
    Have used it once with a good resulting VCD.

    Pretty sure i downloaded it off DVDRhelp, if not it musta been Kazaa.

    Its about 6.65MB and the ver i have was 115.


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    Rip them to avi and buy a dvd player that plays DIVX. Or a wireless connection kit to connect your pc to a tv!
    It will save you a lot of time whilst ripping and gives you the best quality.
    It will give it to us to. a 1cd avi can only be compared with a 3cd mpg in quality. So dl will be a 1cd avi instead of 3...


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    decrypt with dvd decrypter, and donvert to vcd or avi with flaskmpeg.

    BUT if you want vcd with flaskmpeg you need the panasoic mpeg plugin.


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