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Thread: stats seedbox

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    Hi there,
    I'm a french guy.
    I recently chose a serveur to use It like seedbox. (leaseweb)

    For now, I've got seed on these trackers

    - BitmeTv
    - TorrentLeech
    - RevolutionTT
    - HDbits
    - SceneAccess

    Here are my stats:
    I have my seedbox since 46h

    Down : 149 go
    Up : 284 go

    What do you think about that ?

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    Who cares?

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    I want to know if this stats seems ok for you.

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    It all depends, how many torrents were you seeding, how many peers was connected and their speed... but overall 5/10.
    If it's dedicated (100MB up&down), then you should be able to push 6 times more data than these stats.
    On average speed (5 MB/s up) you could upload more than 420 GB a day.

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    Thanks you very much for your answer.
    Yes it's dedicated by leaseweb (100MB up&down).
    So my stats are very poor ???
    How can i push 6 times more data than these stats ?
    I don't choose my torrent file very well ?
    Need some advices please.
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    No you misunderstood, you stats are not poor. Just average... it all depends on torrent traffic and that we cannot affect.
    If there are few users downloading the torrent you currently seed and they have slow internet connection (I mean download capability) then you can't upload more than users are able to download

    And I am sure, on best days you are able to make twice or more traffic
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    OK thx

    So according to you everything is alright ?

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    Let your box run a week or more... and then look stats

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    Do you advice to add new torrent files often ?
    I mean the newest files of my tracker.
    Sorry i'm bad in english, i hope that you understand me.

    My question is clear for you ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by westside View Post
    Do you advice to add new torrent files often ?
    Why not? As long as you don't add new files hours after they were posted on the tracker. More important, don't remove files too soon; let some seed for a day or 2 or mybe longer if you want/can. Can't really say I'm impressed by an overall ratio of 1.9 after 2 days but if you're satisfied with it, use the seedbox any way you want it.

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