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Thread: Free Usenet. 10 Days+ Retention

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    Username and password change daily.

    The service is stable and even with max 2 connections, I can max out my 10mbit

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    SonsOfLiberty's Avatar The Lonely Wanderer
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    I wonder how long it will last though, I think there trying to advertise something, dunno, I'll wait and see if I'm too lazy to pay my Usenet bill next month or not.

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    It has been up and running stable for the last three months.

    And as an advertisement I think it is great. Their 1 year contract cost 25 Euros for 40days Retention.

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    captive's Avatar speaks.his.mind
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    nice post, cheers

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    Rart's Avatar Hold The Line
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    Interesting. I'll have to try it out sometime, thanks for the post.

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    Thanks for the heads up Solariz, never heard of this site before. A traceroute shows they are using Xentech.

    So, I gave this a try tonight and never managed to get more than 165K on my 6meg dsl connection. Good idea for people that want to save a few bucks but I think I will still keep my $11 Astraweb account.

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    ericab's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    yeah good find. i got a range of 400-500KB here in USA

    it fluctuated wildly.

    changing the password daily is a real bummer. but hey, free's, free.
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    beansis's Avatar Pussy Liquor
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    ooh I got 1mb/s, but it did fluctuate a lot

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    Thanks Solariz. But I can't connect to the server right now.... Was working fine last night, could get around 200kb/s. Is it just me? The websites fine though.

    EDIT: Fine now =D
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    Wow. This is beautiful! I didn't think a decent, FREE (and legit) Usenet even EXISTED! Getting between 600-850 KB/sec! Thanks a bunch, Solariz, for posting this! <3

    Although, maybe I shouldn't bump this. The less people that know about this, the better. Shhhhhh!

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