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Thread: Need ur ideas + What about ?

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    Hi all,

    I want to buy cheap, nice seedbox. I just see Anybody used it? What do you think about it?

    15 torrents - 30GB+30GB storage - 1 Gbps network +6.00

    I saw somewhere 1 gb connection is sx. Is it true? İt must be better then 100mb/s, isn't it?

    I want to ur suggestion about cheap, nice seedboxes. Minimal 50 gb, minimal 10 active torrents, webgui, ftp and nice connection with unlimtted traffic.

    Waiting for suggestions.

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    Suggestion: read the motherload of all other topics about Mbit vs Gbit and ofcourse some of the adverts and other popular topics to see if a reseller is good or bad.

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    Thank you for answers.

    But is bad? (TeeChop)

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    Here is a LONG thread from a few months ago with a lot of people that seem to be very upset with
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    I also started a thread some time ago asking about them, you can find it if you search carefully. Everybody told me bad things about them, they don't seem to do a good job.

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    yeah! Be careful..

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    DON'T DO IT!!

    I have had a nightmare with them.

    I first bought the seedbox on the 6th August, although it says I think 4 hours setup time on the website, it actually took 4 days, taking it to 10th August. Everything was fine for another 2 days, when I lost access completely, was as if the account and server just vanished. So I filed a support case a few hours later, Left it 4 days, no reply, so filed a dispute with paypal on 14th August. Haven't heard a peep from, and have just got a message from paypal saying that they cannot do anything as it a virtual product and I can't prove anything.

    The whole reason I used Paypal was because I thought they protected me. Obviously not. is clearly some little 12 year old with some allowance thinking he's a technowizz and running his own hosting.

    I went with OVH in the end as I'm sick of small hosting websites doing something idiotic.

    I'm steaming now, gonna try and post as much as possible about the woes of .

    PS. and are the same place. He might have more domains so be careful.
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