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Thread: Browser Version of Office Appears Online

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    Browser Version of Office Appears Online
    By Kevin Parrish, published on September 17, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    " Microsoft has opened up Office Web Apps to a select group of Windows Live users.

    Microsoft announced earlier today that it has begun public testing of Office Web Apps, the online version of Office 2010. According to the company, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are now available for a select group of Windows Live users as part of the company's Office Web Apps Technical Preview; OneNote is currently not included in the preview. Microsoft also said that the online helpings would become available to more users as the release of Office 2010 grows near.

    CNET scored an entry into the program, and reports that Excel and PowerPoint offer the ability to edit and create documents; the Web-based version of Word however can only be used to view documents. Microsoft also added that OneNote Web App would be included over time in addition to Word's eventual ability to edit files. Microsoft is currently working on the technology which both applications share.

    "Personally, Iím excited that, in the final release of the Office Web Apps, Iíll be able to access Office documents from any PC and then be able to share them, show them, edit them, and collaborate on them with people around the globe," said Microsoft's Brian Hall from Windows Live.

    Brian Hall's blog also explains the purpose of Office Web Apps: the ability to create and store files in one place and then access and edit the documents and charts from virtually anywhere. "Todayís a great start on terrific things to come," he added.



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    TLDR: Google apps scares the fuck out of us?

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    How much Microsoft going to charge for this? lol no more pirate copies of office.....


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