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Thread: Anything similar to autounrar features from usenet progs in BT?

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    I have been looking around at the usenet section of the site a lot, and the otherday when I saw a posting of a free usenet server I decided to give it a whirl.

    While I wasn't obviously expecting amazing speeds from a free server, the speeds weren't terrible. I know it's very easy to max your connection on a premium server.

    But the merits of usenet vs BT aside, I'm really liking how the program works, I don't understand how anyone could complain that its not user friendly.

    I downloaded an episode of supernatural, and I go into my DL folder and lo and behold, it's all nice and laid out for me. On torrent trackers I have to sift through all the files and get to the one "rar" file among many, and then have to wait as I unrar every single damn file. Especially when I download games, it irritates me to no end that I have to spend so much effort just to extract a damn ISO that isn't compressed in the first place ><. But the usenet program was really easy for me to use. I think a single archive wasn't on the free server I used, yet it wasn't a single problem. I started the download, and I look back like 10-20 minutes later. Bam. It's right there in my DL folder, auto repaired, auto unrar'd, and sitting there in my folder as one easy to see icon, rather than 20 confusing rar files.

    Basically I'm blathering on far longer then I really need to, but is there anything in BT that could help me in this process? Are there any programs that automatically extract the files, delete the archives, ect. so I don't have to sift threw 10-20's of archive files every time I want to watch something that isn't even compressed in the first place?

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    I use the program scene unpacker, very handy. See

    Based on filters it unpackes directly to the right directory ( for example series or movies ) ( that's how i use it )
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    I could see that being nice for unraring tv season packs or something. Have a hard time seeing whats so bad about unraring.
    Fastest way is always unraring to a different drive (not a diff partition on the same one).
    I usually open a folder on my storage drive and then drag n drop (w/right mouse button) rar.00 (or whatever) in it, and chose 'extract here' option. Done.
    Drive speed also plays a big roll in unrar speed. I extract from one sata2 raid0 array to another, so it's rather swift for me.
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    It's not so bad to unrar it myself but in my case it's just part of the proces. Another proces / program is monitoring if something new is unrarred, if so it transfers it to my mediacenter in the livingroom ( after it checks if it's not already there. ). So when i come home from work i can just check my mediacenter and watch the latest episode. ( i'm also autodownloading with rss so the whole proces is automated )

    But you're right, it's only handy for series and movies. I've no need to autoextract software.

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    or you can simply use a player like Dziobas if you don't want to bother unraring files.
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    Is an alternative to the scene unpacker.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rart View Post
    On torrent trackers I have to sift through all the files and get to the one "rar" file among many, and then have to wait as I unrar every single damn file.
    Using winrar and rightclicking on any of the rar parts and selecting unpack here will sort this out.
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