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Thread: "Paranormal Activity" Holy Cow, Are They For Real?

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    I don't know how this blipped on my radar only this week, but buzz is crazy strong for this "mockumentary" horror film. Paranormal Activity is a super-low budget film that wowed -- and scared the bejaysus out of -- veteran horror lovers on the movie festival circuit. It's about a couple that thinks an evil entity is haunting their home. So they decide to set up a camcorder in their bedroom to record any overnight goings-on.

    Though this trailer is short, it certainly packs a wallop, in terms of creep factor. And it has the documentary look down perfect -- it should, since it only cost around $11,000 to make. Hmmm, low-budget scarefest that goes from festival circuit to the big screen? What does that remind you of? Some critics are calling Paranormal the scariest movie of the last 10 or 20 years, other say it's the scariest of all time. Whoa, now! Thank goodness the film is only a few weeks away -- we wouldn't want to get overhyped then disappointed upon viewing it, right?

    On a related note, I wonder if YouTube headline above the trailer is some kind of purposeful Freudian spelling slip: It reads "Paranormal Activity: Evidence of a Hunting" instead of "haunting" ... or maybe "hunting" is correct ...?
    Wow, that trailer scared the shit out of me....holy shit

    Release date: Sept. 25

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    Been waiting to see this one for some time.
    Will have to make time to go up to State College this weekend to see it.

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    11K to produce this movie? wow.

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    looks like 1 of those films you take a chick u like to the pictures so she will hold on tight to you,Then you take her home and show her some real horrors in your bedroom muhahahahah
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkstate01 View Post
    Then you take her home and show her some real horrors in your bedroom muhahahahah

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    Wow, that looks hella creepy. Hope to get a copy of this one down the road.

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    This looks awesome. Must see.
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    I didn't jump once.. didn't find it scary

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    The movie good, but depending on what type of films scare you it might be extremely scary or just plain boring.

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    It's a very good movie.. I watched both Alternate and Theatrical version.. personally liked the Theatrical one.. but really.. this did give me a scare.. At first I didn't like the camcorder thing.. but I liked it later.. Good movie.. If you love horror genre.. a must watch..

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