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Thread: Win Xp Corp With Sp1 On Supanova

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    im using xp pro at the moment but would like the corp ed with sp1 to save a bit of hassle there are 2 versions of win xp pro corporate ed with sp1 on supanova one is 515mb the other is 538mb has anyone d\l any of them or do u know which i should get. Also is sp1 intergrated does it install at them same time as xp and does it install win media player 9 like the full sp1 install on the windows site (120mb i think)


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    get the one with the most seeds. setup will install the xp with sp1. i dunno abt the WMP. its only 9mb which u can find at

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    You say you are using Pro, have you bouht this then?

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    sp1 doesnt install wmp 9, y wud u want 2 use n e ways! get winamp its far better!

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    WMP 9 Is good for films, and you can take easy Screanshots of your films, Winamp is good for music only.

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    if u want the xp with sp1 why dont u integrate it yourself. just go here

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@5 October 2003 - 20:47
    You say you are using Pro, have you bouht this then?
    no why??

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    why not just get a decent copy of xp corp from me. search for windows xp professional corparate RTM on emule and connect to CHN thats the server i am on like 24/7 then use a cd key changer and download xp sp1 and then integrate them with the link a previous replier gave!

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    I'm not sure but I think the one that is 538 MB is the same XP with SP1 posted on this board by Lamsey.
    The difference is that the Suprnova version is a .rar file that includes the .bin, .cue and .nfo files all together.
    The .nfo file contains the serial.

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    I think Xp pro Corp. doesnt ask to register your CD key a year after the install, i think thats it!

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