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Thread: Top 30 Australian Must Have Albums

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    Ok i thought i might share with all you guys and gurls some fine Australian music and the best way i know is to give a rundown of each album...i will do 5 at a time (because its gonna take so long)...Anyways without further talking i will give you the 30 must have Australian albums...(In Alphabetical Order)

    1. 28 Days - Upstyledown

    Released: 2000

    Genre: Hip Hop/Rock

    Track Listings
    1. The Bird
    2. Know The Score
    3. Sucker
    4. Jedi Vs. The Krust
    5. Goodbye
    6. Time For Us To Leave
    7. Rip It Up
    8. Song For Jasmine
    9. I Remember
    10. Spicy Fingers
    11. Rollin Gang
    12. What You Know
    13. Don't Touch My Turntables
    14. Deadly Like
    15. Information Overload
    16. Kill The Fake (Seshoo)

    Standout Tracks
    *Rip It Up
    *I Remember

    Score: 4/5

    Review: This album was the breakthrough for 28 Days...after commercial success with their EP's...their debut album took off in the Australian charts...A great blend of rap/scratching/rock and a little bit of hip/hop this album had it all...With 3 big singles and a full album worth of quality songs...This was one of the suprises of 2000...and definately still a fav of mine 3 years later...*new album coming hopefully mid next year*...they have also released a follow up album *Stealing Chairs in mid/late 2002*...(if you like upstyledown...i will rip stealing chairs for you guys)...Sadly in 2001 they lost their drummer in a freak accident and has sadly been missed by all...he was so young and such a great guy...Thoughts are always with him and his family...


    RIP: Scott Douglas Murray 16th January 1979 - 18th November 2001 (28 Days Drummer On This Album)

    2. Alex Lloyd - Black the Sun

    Released: 2000

    Genre: Acoustic Rock

    Track Listings
    1. Melting
    2. Momo
    3. Something Special
    4. Desert
    5. Snow
    6. My Way Home
    7. Black The Sun
    8. Lucky Star
    9. What A Year
    10. Faraway
    11. Aliens
    12. Gender
    13. Backseat Clause

    Standout Tracks
    * My Way Home
    * Black The Sun
    * Lucky Star

    Score: 4/5

    Review: Well what hasn't this man done...released one day later than 28 Days - Upstyledown...even though this album had less success, it put a ordinary guy with a talent into Australia's music spotlight...His blend of soft acoustic rock was an instant success...With two hit songs *Lucky Star and My Way Home* and a lot more to offer...with two more albums following *watching angels mend* and *distant light*...Alex has continued to create beautiful music...if you like listening to soft rock...this is one of the best examples you could ever listen too...


    3. Area 7 - Bitter And Twisted

    Released: 2000

    Genre: Punk/Ska

    Track Listings
    1. Bitter Words
    2. Start Making Sense
    3. Himbo
    4. Blind
    5. Walk Away
    6. Boys Don't Cry
    7. Skin Deep
    8. Dodgy Mate
    9. Let Me Down
    10. Unsung Hero
    11. Second Class Citizen
    12. Big Ben

    Standout Songs
    * Blind
    * Let Me Down
    * Unsung Hero

    Score: 4.5/5

    Review: This album is right up the top with my favourites...The album is full of 12 fun and brilliant songs...Especially the cover of *The Cure's - Boys Don't Cry*...which is right up there with (me first and the gimme gimmes) status...This album was Area 7's finest hour and never got the recognition it deserved...It is a definant must get for all punk/ska fans...They have released only one other album *Say It To My Face* (which i do not have...and if someone has it on me)...I have listened to it and it is just as great...And they will be releasing a new album sometime next year...


    4. Blood Duster - Str8 Outta Northcote

    Released: 1998

    Genre: Grindcore/Metal

    Track Listings
    1. Givin' Stiff to the Stiff
    2. Hippie Kill Team
    3. Metal as Fuck
    4. I Hate Girls and Crusty Punx
    5. Chop-Chop
    6. Tittie
    7. Motherload
    8. Meat Song (Stiffy in McDonalds)
    9. Death Squad
    10. Instrumental 1
    11. Simple Life
    12. Where Does All the Money Go When Releasing a Full Length Album
    13. It's Just Not Metal
    14. Celebrating 35% Pigfat
    15. F.S.S.
    16. Oohahh
    17. Derek2
    18. Rollcall
    19. Shoved Up Your Pisshole
    20. Ballad of Hoyt
    21. Pure Digital Silence
    22. [Untitled] [Hidden Track]

    Standout Songs
    * Givin' Stiff to the Stiff
    * Meat Song (Stiffy in McDonalds)
    * Oohahh

    Score 3.5/5

    Review: Australia's finest grindcore specialists...These guys are in the same league as (Anal C*nt)...they are funny, you can barely understand what they are saying and they have pretty interesting song titles...They are a real interestind band and if you are into grindcore (they are a must) and if your not...i would check them out for shits and giggles...They have released a fair bit of stuff and have just released a new album today i think...*Meat Song (Stiffy in McDonalds)* is a definant listen to...


    5. Bodyjar - How It Works

    Released: 2001

    Genre: Punk/Rock

    Track Listings
    1. Not the Same
    2. Feed It
    3. Ordinary Lives
    4. Make It Up
    5. No Payback
    6. Calling Orson
    7. Fall to the Ground
    8. Good Enough
    9. Five Minutes Away (When Punx Attack Magicians)
    10. Another Day
    11. Clean Slate
    12. Running Out of Time

    Standout Songs
    * Not the Same
    * Fall to the Ground
    * Another Day

    Score: 3/5

    Review: Bodyjar are not one of my favourite bands...and this album is right down the bottom of the top 30...Although this album has a few good songs...its sadly not one of the best albums...They are a pretty tight punk rock band...They just don't have the same quality of the american/canadian punk rock bands...None the less this is a pretty alright album...*Fall To The Ground* being an excellent song...They have been around for a while and they have some nice other songs on other albums like *remote controller* and a cover of *The Bangles - Hazy Shade Of Winter*...


    Well there is the first 5 albums in the top 30 done...i hope you find this interesting and i hope you do take note and give some of these artists a try...i am sharing all the albums mentioned on soulseek...and im sharing list if you have a quick connection i suggest you download them all...anyways thats enough from me...i will continue the top 30 tomorrow...


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    I got the Alex Lloyd album from you last week. It is excellent. I highly recommend it.

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    kylie minogue - fever

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BLAH</span>

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Wayne Rooney - A thug and a thief</span>

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    Great post cellery

    i think i might download the alex lloyd album
    with a score of 4/5 id be crazy not to

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    Ok the next set of 5 albums in the top 30 Australian Albums of the decade is here...A nice range in these next 5 which i am continuing in alphabetical order...So i advise if you like the sound of these albums...get into soulseek and grab them...I have them all shared right now...So without further talking here are the next 5...

    6. Custard - Loverama

    Released: 2000

    Genre: Rock

    Track Listings

    1. Girls Like That (Don&#39;t Go for Guys Like...
    2. Hit Song
    3. Monkey
    4. The New Matthew
    5. (I Feel Like..) Ringo
    6. Nervous Breakdance
    7. Funny
    8. Pluto, Pts. 1 & 2
    9. Almost Like a Song
    10. Correctional Facility of Love
    11. Genius
    12. Kinder Whore
    13. Ladies and Gentlemen

    Standout Tracks
    * Hit Song
    * The New Matthew
    * Kinder Whore

    Score: 4/5

    Review: Custard are on of the pioneers of the new and reformed Australian music scene...This album is the last studio album they ever made and sadly now they have split up...The album was the pinacle of their career...with their catchy pop/rock songs and their aussie nature...they easily became a favourite amongst the indie scene...With songs like *the new matthew* and *hit song*...they eventually made it on the mainstream charts...Overall the album was high quality music...a great ending to a great band (2 years later they released a greatest hits/b sides album)...

    Website: Custard

    7. Delta Goodrem - Innocent Eyes

    Released: 2003

    Genre: Pop

    Track Listings
    1. Born To Try
    2. Innocent Eyes
    3. Not Me, Not I
    4. Throw It Away
    5. Lost Without You
    6. Predictable
    7. Butterfly
    8. In My Own Time
    9. My Big Mistake
    10. This Is Not Me
    11. Running Away
    12. Year Ago Today
    13. Longer
    14. Will You Fall For Me

    Standout Tracks
    * Innocent Eyes
    * Not Me, Not I
    * Predictable

    Score: 4.5/5

    Review: Australia&#39;s new pop princess...this debut album from Delta has blown away even the strongest doubters...with everyone from 12 year old girls to mid 30&#39;s guys really getting into this album...This album has broken sales records in Australia...with a 19 week number 1 album (at the moment its sitting at number 2) and 4 Number 1 singles (at the moment she has 2 singles in the at number 2 and the other at number 34)...She has a beautiful voice and is a talented pianist...With 10 Aria nominations...her album beckons to be one of the greatest Australian albums of all time...She is currently only 18 years old and is fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma which is treated by chemotherapy...she is recovering well from that and hopefully she fights it all the way...she is such a beautiful girl and person and this album is just pure brilliance...


    8. Frenzal Rhomb - Meet The Family

    Released: 1998

    Genre: Punk/Rock

    Track Listings
    1. Mum Changed the Locks
    2. Mr. Charisma
    3. There&#39;s Your Dad
    4. Racist
    5. Ship of Beers
    6. Be Still My Beating Off
    7. I Hate My Brain
    8. Ballad of Tim Webster
    9. U.S. Anus
    10. Constable Care
    11. (That&#39;s) Just Not Legal
    12. Hakimastita
    13. Genitals Are Funny
    14. All Your Friends
    15. Beaded Curtains (Pt. 2)
    16. Beaded Curtains (Pt. 3)
    17. Guns Don&#39;t Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kill Ducklings)
    18. You Can&#39;t Move into My House

    Standout Tracks
    * Mr. Charisma
    * U.S. Anus
    * All Your Friends

    Score: 4.5/5

    Review: Frenzal is a bunch of guys who love to play music and love to have fun...which they combine perfectly on all of their albums...With this being their highlight...The album will put a smile on your face if your feeling depressed or pissed off or any negetive emotion...These guys have been so underated and passed off as a joke band...but these guys are really really good musicwise...They are Australia&#39;s finest punk band of the past decade...And this album just shows their quality...With their big hit *Mr Charisma*...and their absolute classic *All Your Friends*...its just a classic all round punk album...


    9. George - Polyserena

    Released: 2002

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Track Listings
    1. Release
    2. Breaking It Slowly
    3. Special Ones
    4. Rain
    5. Truth
    6. Bastard Son
    7. Strange Days
    8. Chemical Dreams
    9. Sellout
    10. Run
    11. Breathe in Now
    12. That&#39;s When You Come to Me
    13. Spawn

    Standout Tracks
    * Release
    * Special Ones
    * Spawn

    Score: 5/5

    Review: George were the band of 2002...their debut album Polyserena was at least 5 years in the making...Australias biggest music secret was finally given the chance to shine...and shine they did...This is one of the few albums that can send shivers up my spine...Katie&#39;s beautiful classical trained voice and her brothers amazing voice come together beautifully with the background of guitars and piano&#39;s and various other instruments...As soon as someone asks me to nominate an Australian band to download...this is the first band i will mentioned and not one bad bit of negetive feedback has come back about them...With their brilliant blend of pop/rock and standout songs of *spawn* and *release*...this album is worth its weight in gold...


    10. Grinspoon - Guide To Better Living

    Released: 1998

    Genre: Rock

    Track Listings
    1. Pressure Tested 1984
    2. Boundary
    3. DC x 3
    4. Sickfest
    5. Railrider
    6. Scalped
    7. Pedestrian
    8. Just Ace
    9. Post Enebriated Anxiety
    10. Repeat
    11. NBT
    12. Don&#39;t Go Away
    13. Balding Matters
    14. Bad Funk Stripe
    15. Champion
    16. Truk
    17. Protest (Secret track)

    Standout Tracks
    * DC x 3
    * Repeat
    * Bad Funk Stripe

    Score: 5/5

    Review: Australia&#39;s premier rock band in my eyes...These guys have had to live in the shadow of the likes of powderfinger, silverchair, etc and have never reached the level of success they have so deserved...This album was their debut album after years of demo&#39;s and EP&#39;s...and this album was definately a breakthrough and guided them onto bigger and better things...The album delivers on so many levels with their grunge/punk/rock sound...They are Australia&#39;s best live act and it shows with 2 years on non stop touring around the country and the world...(if you like this album i have all of their other albums shared in soulseek)...if you love your rock you will love these guys...


    Thats it for this lot...hope you found something you like amongst those...I will put the next 5 up either tonight or tomorrow...keep downloading the Australian music in soulseek...anyways thats enough from me...enjoy teh music...


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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Australia N.S.W
    yep taht grinspoon album is great although mine got stolen my that dickhead brothe rof an ex

    anyway Alex Lloyd I reckon that is his best album beofre he came comerical too

    and btw @3rd Gen Noob typical for someone in the UK to only know Kyle she really is from the UK as far as im conerned she lives there and practilly talks like a pomi

    lsit list so far celery

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    I&#39;ll wait for your official reviews of the above albums - then I can make my decision.

    And hey - enough with the damned excuses - STFU

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    Still waiting.......

    Whenever you have the time, Celery.

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