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Thread: Help: Need For Speed Shift

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    Hello everybody.

    my first post thread here.

    i am having a problem lunching the game, the rls is from RELOADED
    It instantly goes to a "black" screen when i try to start it, nothing happens, i can only stop it with a ctrl+alt+del.

    i am running:
    windows xp (updated)
    geforce 8800 gt

    If anybody could help me or point in a direction where i could get some, i would really appreciate it thanks.


    also i tryed with the "Need for Speed: Shift [MULTI10] No-DVD/Fixed Image" from "Bender" - didt work
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    got the latest nvidia drivers?

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    i am about to download the new one, will keep you posted.

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    these problems are mostly associated with drivers. newer games may have some compatibility problems with old drivers. update the gfx drivers and let us know.

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    that should work but if it doesnt i would try updating DirectX drivers if you didnt do that during the installation of the game.

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    Directx, should have been updated during install, and graphic drivers. Replace the Reloaded crack to, work perfect here in Windows 7. Mine goes black screen for a bit too, it just takes some time to load. Also, you sure your system can handle it? I mean system spec wise. Also, if you have like Commodo installed for instance, you have to allow NFSS to run.

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    this is not a spam....

    This works....I had to post the link coz i dont wana copy other's posts . just helping you guys!

    I hope this will help u


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