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Thread: Vietcong Iso

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    I went and converted the .bin file to a .iso file for Vietcong using winiso original file as you can see in the capture was over 800 mb when down to 703 mb..then when i do a properties check for that iso file it says it is 687MB which shouldn't be a problem when burning that iso to cdr..but when i do it says disc doesn't have enough space to burn file onto? Is it something I did wrong on my end? or is the file actually 703 (making it above regular cd-r capacity)? Thanks in Advance.

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    there's your problem

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    Seriously though..besides that what might it be?

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    I downloaded several rar files and i ended up with 2 folders, cd1 and cd2.

    cd1 has a size very similar to your winiso file. I used nero to burn a data cd/iso cd and I totally disregarded using bins and cues.

    it makes sense for it to work if you burn it as a normal cd on your cd-r. make sure your cd-r is not defect.

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    You need to use the Burn Image option ..never burn a Image as data..always "Burn Image"

    All software has that option..i suggest using Alcohol 120%. you can set the kind of protection you want before burning.

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    instead of burning on a disk just open the file on your system, u can find out what software it is by searching the forum

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