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Thread: "white Flag" By Dido Unplayable

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    I've tried to preview the song "White Flag" by Dido, but it contains some kind of encoding that makes it unplayable in MP3 format. When I try playing this song on Windows Media Player or Real Player, it sounds great for the first few seconds, but then there is nothing but a loud, screeching static. This happened with several versions of the song that I downloaded, but obviously it can't be a universal problem or there would not be hundreds of users sharing these particular files. What is this crap and how do I get around it?


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    I'm having the same problem. When I try to play the song, after about 20 seconds the static plays and my XP computer locks up. I've tried several versions of the song, all with the same result: rebooting. Does anyone have any info on what causes this?


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    Yea I have the same problem for at least the last three weeks, I noticed that
    the left channel on most of the screwed up songs has dead space or noise
    that someone has done. I don't know if the RIAA has Hackers doing this or if I'm
    missing some king of codec or something. One things for sure this is something I have never seen until recently.

    It seems people are hush hush unless I havent found the right group.

    Come on people someone knows the deal please help


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    i have it pm me if u want it

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    I think this are faked files from riaa.. Everyone who has downloaded them and didn't deleted immediately still keep them. So we download faked songs... I also downloaded some of them. it plays normal the first minute and then you hear some unenjoyable noises.. or at some songs it happens just for some seconds.. I also don't know what it is.. the RIAA !!! forget it im still not gonna buy any cds..

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    welcome to the world of fake files

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    Originally posted by tutv@5 October 2003 - 22:47
    Just go there^^^ and do exactly as it says and your results will be rewarded.

    P.S. should of said you still get some bad ones but i have found it to have 90% success, i have been using it solidly for 72 hours now, and i promise you it do's work.

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    Call me paranoid but did 5 n00bs just find the same thread all at once? And 3 one posters in a row.
    Do we have spies in our midsts?

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    i dont want to point out the obvious, but i think u find the the new dido album has been created wiv "copy protection". This means, that if u try to rip it usin the usual and standard software, it wont work. The track will allow u to hear the intro, then ur get the static sound. Another CD that has this that im am aware of is the "kings of leon"album. If u go to any website that sells them, eg, amazon.con, u will see that the album states that is have "copy protection". Im sure some bright spark will create some soft ware to get round fact i might do it for my degree disitasion.....but anyways. There is a rather crude, and long winded way to create playable files, simply play the cd into ur computer usin the line in jack on ur sound card, and record the track usin a wav recorder, then covert the wav file into an mp3. Thats the idea i thought of, but since i havent yet felt the need to try it out im not sure how practical it wud be, in fact im sure it will be as lame as it sounds.

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