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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 8 Question

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    May 2003
    I'm filming a low-budget action film, I'm using cap
    guns without any muzzle flash so what I'm gonna do, is
    during editing, I'm going to take a picture of the flash
    and insert it into the title overlay track so it's positioned over the end of the gun for just a split
    second, however I need it to have a good shape to it, not
    look like a square...If you know what I mean...I can't cut
    and paste the image into Studio as you you know, you can only import images, that's why I need an
    image of just the flash with no border or background

    Is there away to put the picture into an overlay track and making it transparent so that there is just the picture of the flash with no black or white border or background, then be able to move that image around or scale it to different sizes?

    Any help in remedying this problem would be very greatly appreciated!

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    cap guns
    Sory, had to laugh, don't know though mate.

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    The gun's a Die-cast full scale model of a Desert Eagle wih high percussive caps...Believe me, it looks and sounds good.

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    hmmm, i'm pretty sure u can't find a picture that has no borders or background. if u have flash 4 and up, do the following:

    get an image of say a gun firing with a muzzle flash. then IMPORT (it's very important that u import the image in, not just copy and paste) the image into the library, this can be done by clicking file>import to library then browse to the image and import it in. next, if u already don't have the library window open, click on windows the library. drag the picture onto the canvas/stage (the white rectangle in the middle of flash where u draw stuff, can't really miss it.) next, with picture selected, click on modify>trace bitmap. experiment with the values, and u'll get a picture that's looks like a vectored renderation. if u want it to look real try Color Threshold: 1 Minimum Area: 1 Curve Fit: Smooth Conrer Thershold: Few Corners. u'll get an image that looks pretty much the same as the original. now, delete any part of the image using the eraser or just highlighting a certain part and pressing the delete button on ur keyboard. u'll then be left with an image (muzzle flash) without any borders and backgrounds. how u will import it into that studio thing, i don't know. but don't worry, i'm looking into it. hopefully i'll find a way, or maybe u will. but basically i answered how u get an image without borders or backgrounds. hope this helped .

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