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Thread: [req] bitme invite

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    Im currently a bitmetv member and a ipt member in great standing

    Looking for bitme inv!



    speed test:
    My current seeds would in fact be better seeded in my utorrent but I just rebuilt my seedbox at home; any help would be appreciated.
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    Your BitMeTV & iPT accounts are in good shape indeed, but your screenshots aren't anonymized as they should.

    When you post a screenshot of your ratios:
    Always hide the last 2 digits, after the comma (ie: 6,**GB UL / 500,**MB DL)
    Always hide the last 3 digits of the ratio too (ie: ratio: 1,***)
    Always hide the last 2 digits of the time (ie : Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:**pm)
    Always hide your number of invitations
    And always hide your number of active torrents.

    That's the proper way to anonymize ratios screenshots, especially on a forum where anyone can register.

    It's just an advice, you can do as you wish of course

    PS : You built your seedbox at home? You must have a pretty good connection.
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    see dsl speed test; 25mbit down / 60mbit up. Direct fiber to the house. mmm. Not fios crap either.

    Thank you for the advice. I've never posted screen caps to a forum like this. I'm fairly low-key user.

    After reading other threads on how bad people post, I can provide profile screenshots if needed, please PM me. I would really appreciate an invite; I know how to keep a decent ratio, not be a leech, and never HnR.
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    I'm a low risk asset to any torrent site. I seed well over 1:1. I really would like a new resource for e-learning material. bitme is the king of content in that realm.


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