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Thread: Rap Vs Dancehall Music

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    Look out Rap World!! Dancehall music is here to stay. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you would probably know that slamming dancehall artist, like Sean paul, Elephant Man and Wyane Wonder have been gracing the air waves, bringing extraordinary hits, like Gemme de Light, Pon De River and more

    Yes guys and girlies, That means competition for Rappers and Rockers.

    Discussion: Who are you rooting for Jay Z or Elephant Man or Sean paul??

    Personal choice: Elephant Man(Mad, Sick, Ed , Good To Go again)

    If you have different views, please POST YOUR OPPINIONS saying why you think your favorite rapper or dancehall artist is better than those listed above>

    The Jamaican Revolution has begun.!!! :beerchug:

    Thank God!!

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    personally, i'd put rap above dancehall...though i do admit the influence of sean paul is rather large in the uk, with his 'solo' hits and his extremely big collab with blu cantrell...

    anything that can improve a genre or bring more variety is fine by me though
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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    sean paul seems to very much hated in the grass roots level of dancehall since he started doing more commercialized crap.

    red rat is still the best ragga mc outhere.

    bounty killer is also pretty good.

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    Sean Paul could, and would never bring crap to the table hommie&#33;&#33;&#33; He is the biggest selling dancehall aritst to date..

    RED RAT ha ha ha ... red rat aint&#39; in the same league as Sean Paul or Elephant man. He is a washed up artist, who needs to come better than that.

    THAT NAH MAKK IT&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;


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    i like jay-z. sean paul is quite commerical now and as such isn&#39;t viewed as real reggae, same with elephant man and beenie sigel.
    if you listen to sean pauls first album, stage one you&#39;ll see the difference between it and dutty rocks. basically its better.


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