i've been trying to make a nzb indexing website for documentaries (but it could also have torrents aswell as nzbs)where docus would be classified and categorized in the best way possible, i have a lot of ideas that would make it a whole lot better then anything that's out there

i managed to make a table like this one
in dreamweaver
and now i'm trying to make checkboxes that will hide/show the columns ,cause i want to make a column for everything like bitrate,resolution,rating etc etc , and like this you could hide the columns that you're not interested atm so that the page doesnt get to wide

i'm looking for collaborators that would like to join this project
i could really use some help in the coding part , cause javascript is really complicated , and i'm just a biology student not a web developer
i really think that once the coding part would be solved the uploading and categorizing of documentaries would be very easy , and i know a lot of people that would do that but unfortunately the're not coders either

hope to hear opinions on this , even if you think its a bad idea please share why