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Thread: do u donate in trackers.....?

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    if u do...why? u want bonus or u like help?

    i donate in trackers i like.... i like bonus and i like help...

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    KushBlow's Avatar Zen BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Yup if it's a good tracker. And I donate to help them maintain their monthly costs.

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    Surprisingly, a good question. You've had some time to think, haven't you.

    I have a few that I have "been meaning to" (isn't that the excuse we all use?), but I have not. When I do, and I will, it will be to support the sites that give me a lot of joy and entertainment. Some have really made a lot of effort to make a nice, friendly place. They do truly deserve our support!
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    I donate to the trackers I'm active on. I have donor stars on maybe 5-6 trackers I think. The only time I've ever donated for something remotely related to P2L was an invite to GFT for my friend.
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    i donate very often, specially to pretome. my favourite tracker, because i have a very bad upload connection and it's the only ratioless tracker i'm part of. once i donated to scenelife and i was so stupid to do that because the site is pure shit and has now 600 torrents, many not seeded. waste of money on that tracker.

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    I donate to ratio free trackers but not the P2L.

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    ya only to trackers that dont suck

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    If it's worth donating to.
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    i'm donor in all my trackers

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    peat moss's Avatar Software Farmer BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    You know I never have , I share till my ratio is 3 to 1 . Thought about it but would rather donate to a software developer like Crap cleaner or a site like Black Viper's . Some schmuck that pays for his web space with out complaint .

    It's suppose to be free , remember Fosi ?

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