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Thread: Avg Antivirus

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    I have installed AVG Antivirus 7. but now when i startup my PC, it takes one hell of a time to log into my account.

    Are there any settings which I should use with the program or should I simply unistall the program (I really have not seen any benefit of antivirus program yet).

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    Read this & other pinned topics. If you don't want to scan your files that's foolish. But if you share unscanned files that's bad karma to say the least. Read my sig.

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    AVG sucks............................try something else.

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    Originally posted by shn@6 October 2003 - 03:56
    AVG sucks............................try something else.
    no it doesn't
    avg 7 sucks, just because thay tried to make it better, indeed up make it slow like norton, get any version befor 7
    didn't your mom tell you if ya anit got anything nice to say stfu?


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