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Thread: Pirate Party Canada Starts a BitTorrent Tracker

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    Pirate Party Canada Starts a BitTorrent Tracker
    September 25, 2009

    " Canada has had its very own Pirate Party for a few months now. The party is currently trying to get federal approval, a goal that should be achieved in the coming week. In the meantime the party’s members haven’t been sitting still and today sees the launch of their very own BitTorrent tracker.

    The Canadian Pirate Party is one of the youngest Pirate Parties around but they are not too shy to make a statement. Today the party has launched a BitTorrent tracker of their own.

    By starting a BitTorrent tracker the Pirates hope to show that BitTorrent and filesharing are not a threat, but a great tool for artists to promote their work.

    “We’re starting a BitTorrent tracker to show artists how to properly use P2P technology in order to gain access to a cheap and efficient marketing and distribution network,” Pirate Party spokesman Jake Daynes told TorrentFreak.

    “In addition we hope to show the public that P2P is not only for ‘illegal’ activity, and that it can be used to allow aspiring artists access to the global stage. A tracker is the epitome of filesharing, and one of our platform ‘planks’ as it were, is about the promotion of filesharing,” Jake added.

    The Canadian Pirate Party is using RivetTracker’s tracker software and they will be featuring content from artists who release their work under a Creative Commons license.

    In the future the Party hopes to add more content to the tracker though. “Right now it is only artists, though we hope to include a lot more CC material. If an artist would like to submit their work, they can email it to us with their info, and we will host it,” Jake told TorrentFreak.

    Currently there are just a few releases on the tracker, but the Party hopes that this will grow exponentially in the weeks to come. If you’re Canadian and you want to support the Pirate Party you can do so by signing up for a free membership. "

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    Was just getting read to post this and seen you already did, damn it

    Funny read and go Canada!!!!

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    does anyone has invites for this one ?

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    I lost my previleges. Invited a romanian ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cokeman View Post
    I lost my previleges. Invited a romanian ...

    Lol. Tracker went down - Hosted in Sweden
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cokeman View Post
    I lost my previleges. Invited a romanian ...



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