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Thread: Brain scans reveal what you've seen

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    Brain scans reveal what you've seen
    September 25, 2009

    " Scientists are one step closer to knowing what you've seen by reading your mind.

    Having modeled how images are represented in the brain, the researchers translated recorded patterns of neural activity into pictures of what test subjects had seen.

    Though practical applications are decades away, the research could someday lead to dream-readers and thought-controlled computers.

    "It's what you would actually use if you were going to build a functional brain-reading device," said Jack Gallant, a University of California, Berkeley neuroscientist.

    The research, led by Gallant and Berkeley postdoctoral researcher Thomas Naselaris, builds on earlier work in which they used neural patterns to identify pictures from within a limited set of options.

    The current approach, described this week in Neuron, uses a more complete view of the brain's visual centers. Its results are closer to reconstruction than identification, which Gallant likened to "the magician's card trick where you pick a card from a deck, and he guesses which card you picked. The magician knows all the cards you could have seen."

    In the latest study, "the card could be a photograph of anything in the universe. The magician has to figure it out without ever seeing it," said Gallant. "

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    Ehh wow?

    They've come along since the Polygraph.
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    this is weird, crazy & intriguing all @ the same time. soon NO ONE will have jury duty?
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    They would see some real SHEEEEEEEEEET in my brain!
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    Could be useful in enemy integration except they have to currently access your brain directly,don't think human rights groups would take that very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. nails View Post
    this is weird, crazy & intriguing all @ the same time. soon NO ONE will have jury duty?
    no jury duty would be a good thing!


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