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Thread: Need for Speed Shift

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    I just burned 2 copies and they both load on my drive and i gave one to my friend and ive gave him odst and madden 10 burned but for some reason need for speed wont load on his drive?
    he has an elite and i have a new xbox the newer ones
    do you think he might have 1.4 or 1.5 i forget i have 1.6 extreme
    im wondering if that game requires the latest firmware thanks for your time.

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    Hmm, you would think Halo would need the most up to date firmware (although I cant say for sure).

    I heard some drive types have trouble reading some disks. Are you using Verbatim DVD DLs and burning at 2.4x?

    If so then I would just suggesting trying to burn it again.
    Im no expert though.

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    if it says the disc is not found or dirty, he must have 1.6.1 to play wave3 games.


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