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Thread: Can U "copy" Xbox Games?

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    If you have a computer that has a DVD-RAM, can you copy Xbox games to a DVD-R, and are tehy playable on the Xbox?

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    i no its possible.. but i'm not sure how to do it.
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    could you use a DVD copy program?

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    not sure about copying but if you mod your xbox u can go to suprnova and DL xbox games there

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    Generally as Monkee said you'd probably need to mod your xbox in order to play burned cd's. I tried playing a burned cd disc on my ps2 and it didnt work.

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    Arnt dvd-ram and dvdr incompatibale with each other?

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    ya, but i don't know how to "mod" it.

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    i don't know, i have a DVD-RAM.

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    Is there a certain chip or something i need to get?

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    but if u mod it, u cant play XBOX Live. damn.

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