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Thread: Is it legal to download nzbs?

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    Yeah and child porno, bad bad bad bad stuff...and the big big big fish, people who make money off this, eg NZBMatrix, sites like that, and people who upload oDay games and movies, see, the good thing about torrents are, that all the attention is to them.

    Download just the .nzb file is not illegal, if you downlaod the content it points to, that's illegal, if it's copyrighted, if its' just a program with a crack and you don't use the crack, then that wouldn't be illegal,but if you download the .nzb file and then load that nzb and download say Star Trek, yes illegal....There is no law "yet" regarding this kind fo thing, it's still a grey area.

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    ah i see, so your saying that FST is perfectly safe as at the moment NZBs are ok?

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    Hosting nzbs is probably unlawful in most countries, just like .torrent files. The point just hasn't come up properly in a court case or been raised by any legislatures as far as I'm aware. Sure people will argue it the other way and there are some decent points, but if you thought like the establishment does, then you'd come out the other way.

    I believe some Dutch sites were pressured into removing all nzbs and are now just spotting forums.

    And by the way, you're not allowed to download files you own. Maybe if it was your backup, but then you've republished it for the rest of the world anyway, so again you're stuck. Also, a crack is a circumvention of technological copyright protection measures and is an additional problem, but downloading or making available the copyrighted application is unlawful on its own.

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    Downloading from usenet is probably the safest way to download anything, most news servers do not log what is uploaded or downloaded from their servers by their users you only have to read their policy to see this, the only people that can see what your downloading is your ISP unless your using an encrypted service

    How would they justify prosecuting anyone for downloading while at the same time leaving a company like giganews alone who have all this content on their servers

    As far as I know the only place that has shut from legal pressure was a great site shame its gone

    Anyway its two easy for them to catch people using P2P any monkey with a client can sit there logging ip's all day long with little or no effort in fact I know they use modified BT clients that do it for them and it does a whois look up and logs the lot

    Downloading an NZB is proof of nothing
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonsOfLiberty View Post
    Yeah and child porno, bad bad bad bad stuff...and the big big big fish, people who make money off this, eg NZBMatrix, sites like that
    can i ask what you are insinuating with this statement putting nzb sites in the same sentence as child porn ???

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