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Thread: what will hapend to uploader if files are deleted on rapidshare

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    hi to all users, i have one question today i was going to check all mi files (that was mostly porn) that i upload on using remot upload and i see that i lose more then 20GB of files and all files have message that files will be deleted after 7 day's, but after i see that message on my files links i was deleted this files myself so my question is will i have any problem with authorities

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    Unless if it some illegal porn, you have nothing to worry.
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    The best is to use another IP for uploading.... tunnels, vpn etc...
    Because they actually log ip's.

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    Reupload them immediately they are deleted.They are no dummies,they know very well they store 90% warez on their servers,you'll be fine.Its that i think had issues not this one.

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    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    They will do nothing, dont worry. As long as your not hosting Child Pornography on your account they will do very little. At most they will disable your account, and I even doubt they would do that. Rapidshare know they host a majority of the warez on the internet. If they got rid of all the warez on their servers they would lose a lot of money.


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