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Thread: South African Torrent Sites

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    Can anybody tell me of any South Africa Torrent Sites. Thanks

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    South african ?

    How so ?

    What kind off content are u looking for ?

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    Dig through my post history in the bittorrent section,you'll stumble upon two or three i think.

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    I'm searching for South Africa Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoots and I suppose the place to find that is on South African torrent sites,if not can somebody tell me where i could find these. Thanks

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    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    I know of this but I'm looking for South Africa Sports Illustrated Swimsuit High Quality Videos or Video in HD,if possible MPEG-2 .ts format. Can anybody help me find those or know of any good HD tracker where I could find these shoots or at least request them. Thanks
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    I know it's none of my business, but may I ask what interests you in such content??

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    I like beautiful women in bikinis, that's all, anybody who doesn't like that is either gay or not normal.

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    It's normal, I don't need to see it in HD but to each his own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nthack3 View Post
    Can anybody tell me of any South Africa Torrent Sites. Thanks
    (good luck finding invites lol, been a member @ bitfarm once... but inactivity got me pruned)

    a real few torrents can be found on diwana australian tracker...

    i remember there was greenlab once but i believe it died...
    I know those coz i've been searchin' for those a long time...
    and i didn't find many lol...

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