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Thread: Isp Sues Riaa Over Subpoenas

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    The RIAA have received a fresh legal challenge to their sue ‘em all lawsuits against P2P file sharers. The lawsuit comes from the ISP Charter Communications Inc. 

    Since the subpoena process has begun the ISP Charter Communications Inc have received 150 subpoenas from the RIAA. CC have complied with none of them and have now filled the lawsuit to protect subscribers identifies. Tom Hearity, vice president told Associated Press that "We are the only major cable company that has not as yet provided the RIAA a single datum of information". The lawsuit was filled in the U.S. District Court in St. Louis.

    This is one of several legal challenges the RIAA are facing over the subpoenas they include the ongoing lawsuit from Verizon and other providers. While groups like the EFF and newly formed P2P United have been steeping up their efforts to halt the subpoena process. The EFF are now aiming for 100,000 signatures against the RIAA subpoenas, which they will then deliver to congress.

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    haha, nice.


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