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Thread: anyone know when the avista tracker site's sign up will open again?

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    hi, im really in excitment of getting membership at avista tracker adn i dont know wheni can sign up... since it's closed.. and info would be great thanks

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    For the past few months they have opened their doors one Sunday a month - usually mid-month (second or third weekend). If you don't want to miss it, try using a tracker-checker app, check the 'sites open for signup' thread here, or keep refreshing the signup page at Avistaz for one of those Sundays I mentioned.

    Hope this helps.

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    Just saw that they are testing invites. Only certain people have them right now (very limited). That might change in the near future.

    They have shaved off over 8000 members (out of 99,999). I am not sure if they plan to refill all of those spots or not.

    Filenetworks is a great place to check regularly for info. That is how I found the site to begin with.
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