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Thread: Help With Madden 2004

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    Very strange problem with the kicking game. as you know the kick meter has a Red area at the top (over kick) and a green area at the bottom.

    My problem is with the green area (its has a light green area and a small dark green area in the middle). for some reason the light green area has dissapeared and left the very small 1 inch sliver dark green area , when it use to be several inches. it just happend when i put the setting on All Madden. but the green area is not supposed to shrink, the meter just moves faster when you move up to a higher level

    SO i tested putting the game on all other levels and the green area in the kicking meter is still 1/4 of the size it was before, and playing on All Madden its very difficult to stop it on a small sliver of green.

    Does anyone know why ... i cant figure this out

    P.S. and i just found out now even if it hit the small green area perfectly, i only can kick it too the 30 yard line....very short kick ....WTF

    And i found its not that way for field goals, just kick offs

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    What the game options, where you set abilitities. I am not sure where it is, but like you can move up and down indicidual attributes, you may need to turn these back up. Just an idea, next time I play I will tell exatly where those options are if you have no tfound them.

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    Thats the first thing i tried....moving the kickers attributes up and down...did not work....i may have to resort to uninstalling and reinstalling


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