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    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone help me contact the admin for
    I signed up and it said it was successful but I never got the email confirmation. The site says to pm the admin if that happens but that's not possible if you're not a member. I also tried the irc but it doesn't seem correct as I'm the only one in the room, no staff etc
    Can anyone please help.

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    In Search Of ScT & FTN..PM me if you can Help..Super Thanks

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    if u want i ll give u my account!! but the tracker has only 131 torrents!!

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    hi there a problem with investingtorrent site....i had an account there and seeded my torrents and everything worked i have tried to log in but no success, no contacts , the chats dont work...i even tried anew account ..but it does not send the confirmation can anybody help me.....i really need to study the videos and tutorials on there please ...thanks in advance

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