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Thread: Win Me Question About Desktop Options

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    same as topic....thatd be cool if i could...

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    You might be able to do it by embedding the video file into a webpage, then using the active desktop option found somewhere in desktop properties (I dont use ME so I dont know the correct path) to display this page as your desktop - or on it, at least, fullscreen video would probably be suicide if not unworkable... in windowed mode, it might work.


    I have to say that that it would probably be a really really bad idea though... especially if your using ME.
    I wouldnt try it with anything less than XP.. If I wanted my PC to wig out, that is

    In my experience, I've found that using the active desktop in any Windows 9.X OS (Win98-ME) usually makes the PC unstable and needlessly chews up a bunch of system resources. Constantly having a video running would just compound the problems you will see emerging.

    If you do it, you can expect your PC to crash a heck of a lot, if it works at all.

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    try drempels, its not video, but its hella cool moving background

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    ok i dont think ill do it cuz i dont want my pc to crash...thnx to both of ya


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