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Thread: Right Click Copy

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    mods, it may be just me, and if it is tel me why. When i right click on the board i cant copy or paste anything. I have to use ctrl v. Is it just me or is this your seting? If its yours, make it a feature please. thanks

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    I guess it's your settings.

    highlight some text, right click, there is the option 'copy' in the menu.

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    When you view websites through kazaa-lite's web option , you cant right click cut and paste.
    Only in internet explorer can you do that, if you right click in kazaa's web all you get is navagation options e.g. home-forward-back etc.
    also if a sig2dat link keeps opening a cannot find server window try holding down shift as you click the sig, this will still open cannot find server but will also say that kazaa will download this file.


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