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Thread: Upload torrent to

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    Hello everybody
    Does anyone know, where to upload a torrent in site ?
    I need it to increase my ratio.
    I don't know Russian and the web translator doesn't really help much!...

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    don't even try if you don't know russian.there's a _lot_ of rules for each type of upload. and if you can't keep a 0.3 ratio at one of the easiest on upload trackers - hmm...

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    I only want to upload autosport theme torrents to

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    thanks for the input, particularly for kukushka's efforts. i can figure out enough cyrillic for some of it, but uploading is daunting. too much info required that can be obtained elsewhere.

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    I wanted to upload something to to increase my ratio.I don't have to anymore because i increased it by seeding the torrents i downloaded.
    Thanks everyone for your comments!!!!

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    it's all freeleech till april 1st.

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    its very easy to upload there.about the site rules google translator always helpful

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    60 requires you to write a long and proper review of the uploaded material (in Russian). If you can't do it, your upload would most likely get deleted or closed by moderators.


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