Hey all from Australia. Ok hmm hope l can keep this short. Two weeks ago l downloaded the Leisure suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure pack from bt junkie the uploader is Halofubar. My plan is to run it on dosbox via Windows XP, Now l know how to use dosbox and am familiar with 'most' commands as l used dos many years ago (well not that many lol) back before windows came about. I tried running the game last night, spent all night but got nowhere, the message l received on dosbox is telling me that the install files are missing, (or .bat). Anyways the uploader (halofubar) gives his/her description on what to do with his/her torrent to run it in dosbox: Please refer below:

Create batch files to run each game in DOSBOX, like so:

1) Copy the DOSBOX folder provided into your SIERRA folder.
Create BATCH files in your SIERRA folder to run the games.

2) For LSL1 (EGA), create a BATCH file called "LSL1.BAT".

3) Here are the contents for the file:

@echo off

4) Another example, this would be for LSL1VGA:

@echo off

See how easy that was? If there is a pre-existing BATCH
file, make sure you see which .BAT, .EXE or .COM file is
called to start the game and make sure that's the one you
call in your new/modified BATCH file.


So how do l do the above? In simple steps please? What do l type? etc. I'd love to play these games again, (even though their ancient) any answers would be great and

Much thanks and keep well


p.s. any questions just ask