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Thread: Video Lan Player

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    I just installed Video Lan version 0.6.2 and now when i run it it keeps popping up saying...... this application failed to start, could not find "MSVCR70.dll" try and re-install application this may help??? But after this it runs anyway???I've since re-installed and the same thing happens?

    Doe's anyone know what this means?


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    did you try rebooting?

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    Yeah tried that and re-installed twice!

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    google is your friend->

    Download this file and copy-it to your C:\windows\system

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    cheers muchspl2 but i'm a bit of a newbie! How do i install it? or where exactly do i copy it?

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    there is no install, it might be zipped then you would have to unzip it
    but, you just put the MSVCR70.dll in to your C:\windows\system
    thta should do it from the glance over the page I did

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    Cheers muchspl2! :beerchug:
    That worked a treat!!
    no more annoying messages!

    Thanks again!

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    oops i mine are in my system32 dir, DOH!

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.


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