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Thread: All The Lawsuits

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    Is anybody worried about being sued over this? I have read alot about people getting papers and having to appear in court over downloading songs. I haven't seen anything on the Kazaa site that relates to all this mess. But its kind of scary downloading anymore cause you don't know if you are going to get in trouble or not. Which I think is stupid what we do is no different than recording your favorite movie or tv show to watch later. Or if you tape something off of tv for someone else. To me its the same thing. Or having a rummage these people like GAP and whoever aren't coming over and asking where is my cut. Well I just wanted to see what you guys thought or if you knew anything that could ease my mind. Thanks

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    Nope, does not bother me. Do not worry about it...

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    I'd like to know how they know what you have downloaded. They don't KNOW. They can guess, and assume.

    Sure, you can look at what other people are sharing, via Kazaa software, but until you actually have that person's computer in your possession, and verified that each file is actually a working file and violates law. If you have no solid evidence, you have no case.

    Just like the guy who killed a person while driving drunk. The police did not have the actual blood alcohol paperwork, because it was lost. Everyone knew the man as drunk, but since that particular evidence wasn't available, the case was dismissed.

    That is why you haven't seen anyone convicted by the RIAA yet. It is up to each individual recording artist and/or recording company (whoever owns the copyright) to persue the copyright violation, and sue you. The RIAA cannot sue you, they do not own any of the copyrights. They are just an association.

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    i found some site that had something bout a old granny getting sued... but her pc was too shit to run kazaa... they r finding ips and TRYING to get money and scare us

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    i wouldn't worry bout them. there just trying to scare people. I don't know how they would find out what you have downloaded.prolly just another scare tactic!

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    I wouldnt be that worried about them . since im using k-lite B)


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