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Thread: Programmes Not Responding

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    Can anyone please help me b4 i go mad ....

    I have found lately that my computer is going slow and when I try to go into certain programmes I get the box up saying "Not responding" and therefore unable to get into it. This happens on a number of occasions and I am totally puzzled how to sort it. Can someone out there PLEASE help ?


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    a lot of that has to do with the computer not running fast enough to keep up with certain programs, or the programs are using close to 100% of the CPU's power for one function and they're unable to devote any resources to displaying the interface & accepting your commands.

    it could be that your hard drive needs to be defragmented, perhaps your CPU & RAM are getting a bit too old for the tasks you're trying to accomplish... OR it's actually perfectly normal behavior for certain Windows programs, and you should just leave them to finish whatever they're doing before you try to click on them anymore. it could be any of those things, or a combination of them.

    but anyone who uses Windows for any strenuous tasks like audio, video & graphics editing for example will encounter that problem eventually and it's usually more of an indicator that your PC is running at full bore and it's too tied up in whatever it's doing at the moment, rather than a serious problem. (although you'll sometimes get that "not responding" message when you try to close a program which has crashed, as well)

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    What computer do you have? (specs.)

    What operating system? (Windows version)

    And what programs are not responding?


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