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    what do you think is the best car audio? what brand has the most wattage? Just wondering what everyone thought

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    what are you looking for?

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    nothing really. I just wanted to know what people thought. I think dragster audio is one of the best i can find

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    soundstream 10.0 with air bass remote
    rockford fosgate punch150 x2 mids & highs
    soundstream spl160 15" x2
    pioneer deh-7200
    q-bass eq
    im certified @ 169.3 spl
    muchspl = much spl

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    5000watt gemini double bass

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    sweet stuff Sweet subs. I was looking for amps but some of them these days are weak

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    try to get one thats stable to 1 ohm or better, my 10.0 is 1/4 ohm stable
    25x2@4ohms or 1000x1@1ohm lower the ohm, raise the power, but the amp has to be able to handle it

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    i'd rather have 2x12" subs than 2x15"
    depending on your taste in music, 15's might not be able to respond quickly enough
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    good point 3rd, some audiophiles even stick with 8&#39;s and 10&#39;s, but thats too small for my taste, and fosgate still makes pretty solid amps king
    you can check em out HERE
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    well normally these are special subs, they don&#39;t even make them any more
    and the spl170 are not made by hand like the 160&#39;s
    among other things it has a 2 1/2 inch peek to peek excursion

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