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Thread: Dmca Act And Kazaa Lite

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    What is your option on Google actions on removing KaZaA Lite from itís search index.

    Personally I think this is a serious violation of a human basic right to free speech. It would be like using the Patriot Act to make the T.V show CSI illegal.

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    Yes you are correct it is an infringement of the freedom of speech. But you can still find it on Google, it all depends on what words you use in the search box.

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    Basically, DMCA act extends how much 'ownership' and control a maker of software has not only over WHO can use it but HOW they can use it -- even to the extent to make "improper" use a FELONY crime.

    Reverse-engineering, once the legal concept of deciphering an original to make a competing EQUIVALENT, has become ILLEGAL.

    The law has been used for many cease-and-desist shutdowns of websites hosting even vaguely questionable contents -- like the listings from a public phone book!

    It stifles what can legally be said in MAJOR ways when referring to technology, SERIOUSLY threatens ANY detailed talk about security, cripples competition, silences critics, and even threatens to throw 12 year old girls in jail for downloading MP3 music files... (Remember, even many audio CDs are copy-protected now -- so HAVING MP3s from them violates DMCA in more than 1 way&#33

    DMCA's worst provisions threatens EVERY business and person as much or more than the PATRIOT ACT... and not for the better.

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    read this news,

    what they are saying is, any kazaa lite versions are made by the riaa so they can sue people for downloading, what do you all think of this?.

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    yes - I was initially disappointed with Google (although I'm sure there really wasn't much they could do) as I've always considered them to be THE search engine for internet users.


    Google actually present a link to the complaint notice - which includes the links that Sharman networks want removed...

    "In response to a complaint we received under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 5 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint for these removed results."

    ...what a great loophole!

    I knew Google wouldn't let us down :-)

    I still believe they're on our side.

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    Fuck Google if they do that.

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    our site is still there...just not the dl pages.


    actually, this is a nice tip to see if your site is on there

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