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Thread: Half-life 166mb Problems

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    I've read a few places around the forum that the Half Life file that is 166MB works. After downloading it 2 times on 56k I can't get it to work. After I extract it, I try to run the install.exe and error called, SHRINKER.ERR appears and it says (3.20) C:\Half-Life\install.exe: Dispatcher intialisation error 11. But if I set the compatabillity mode to Windows 98 the error doesn't appear, but nothing happens. Anyone know a way around this? Or is the file just corrupted?

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    same here
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    if it's corrupt, then try a small file called kazaa corruption fixer (KCF). Do a seach for it, and you it should be found in Development.

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    The Half-Life 166MB version is corrupt. Some wise being tried to compact an installation executable with an executable packer.
    I have created a new version of Half-Life which is updated with update files. The installer installs everything correctly, does not modify the registry a bit, and comes with some ready to use CD-Keys. As of now, only I have it. If anyone wants it, lemme know. Its 184MB in size.


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