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Thread: Peer Guardian

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    does peer guardian work with other p2ps?

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    Originally posted by ksc218@6 October 2003 - 23:55
    does peer guardian work with other p2ps?
    it does what it does on k-lite with all other apps...even internet explorer
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    also will the ip updater from k LITE update that or is there a program tyhat will update automatically

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    IMO it does not work at all so dont even bother with it.

    i run my own bittorrent tracker and wanted a way to ban the leechers, so i thought i would give peergaurdian a try. i asked my mate to be the guinuae pig for it.

    i got his ip address off him, put it into peergaurdian (only that one and no others). and set it to block him.

    He got on my tracker and my forum both of witch are run from my pc., he downloaded a torrent added an attachment and downloaded an attachment, he connected to a bit seed it started (for the test) and he downloaded that off me.

    then we went to irc and transfered files to and from each other, then we done the same with msn, and all the time he was supposed to be blocked by peergaurdian.

    imo its just a waste of a download and i know i have been saying this for months, but i also think its just there as a scare tactic. ppl that p2p use it they get 400 hits a day (sometimes a lot more) so they stop using p2p altogether, no one sharing means no more downloads, which means no more P2P.

    anyway thats just my thoughts, and it might be worth a few ppl doing that test with an ip they know is real (like a friends) and see if it does block them, for me it didnt.


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    Peer Guardian only blocks TCP traffic, that&#39;s a big problem but not much can be done about that because remote UDP traffic doesn&#39;t usually HAVE a "FROM" ip address.

    If you don&#39;t have blocking ENABLED in Peer Guardian, it won&#39;t block either. (It&#39;s the default setting so it should be a no-brainer.)

    If your friend was on the same LAN as you -- or possibly even the same branch of an ISP -- you may have been connecting using the LOCAL LAN ips instead of the INTERNET WAN ips, which would allow it to slip by Peer Guardian totally unnoticed.

    Also, Peer Guardian for some reason, may have &#39;binded&#39; with another networking device (like your LAN ip/LAN network, instead of your 56k modem) for blocking purposes. In that case, there was no traffic TO block so nothing was blocked.

    Lastly, the aggression setting for Peer Guardian even at 100% isn&#39;t 100% reliable -- it&#39;ll just stop large transfers, not <50 ms short bursts of data. It REACTS to connections and tries to kill them AFTER spotting their connection attempts rather than being a tollgate all connection requests have to pass through. Kazaa Lite++&#39;s block ability actually blocks outgoing connections BEFORE they&#39;re made and drops incomming connections BEFORE any KL++-specific information is passed FROM you back out (so the other side thinks the connection is &#39;dead&#39;.)

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    agreed with ^^
    and to note, should get a good firewall that allows the list to be imported, I use zone alarm, but others that can import the list or outpost & zygate
    if you do it correctly it will give much better protection than pg on the best of days + its one less program to use (assuming you use a firewall & you should)

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    well first of all it was blocked, second he lives about 200 miles away from me so we are not on the same lan, and lastly we are on totally different isp`s.

    im sticking to my thoughts that PG, and probably most other firewalls are a waste of time.


    PS: and im on 1meg cable and my friend is on 512K adsl.


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