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Thread: Did Obama deserve the Nobel Peace prize?

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    So did he deserve it? How deserving is it when even Americans find it controversial? Did he simply win it for "not being Bush"?

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    It's as Mr. Obama himself put it, a prize to stimulate the momentum. As such it's very much deserving, considering the potential for human actions by this administration.
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    What a complete joke... Nominations in 12 days after he took office... what exactly did he do in 12 days as US President... totally undermines the efforts of previous winners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnsy View Post
    what exactly did he do in 12 days as US President... totally undermines the efforts of previous winners.

    So Obama gets the Nobel Prize for what intends to do?

    It's no secret that you have to be part of that grouping of folks to be in line for the Nobel Prize, and that it's distinguished name has been plummeting for decades but, nominating a man who has been in office for 12 days, for his ideals is silly. None of which has he been able to complete by the way.

    Just an interesting thing I heard on the radio today; a list of people who were nominated previously but were passed up: Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Pope John Paul II, Mahatma Gandhi (was nominated seven times)... there were many, but that's all I can remember.
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    ok, everyone knows that Nobel Prizes have always been a joke... but seriously, this one is just too much.
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    NO WAY!!!! this is an absolute fraud.
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    Hell NO.
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    No! He is not deserving of any sort of prize. The economy is plunging and we are continuing to fight in the middle east. A peace prize for sending more troops to the middle east and also flying around in his private jet using taxpayers money. Maybe he should start worrying about more important things, rather than the summer Olympics in Chicago. His priories are not the same as when he was making all those promises to the country. Same as any other politician. I really never believe anything they say. Most are all hacks. Telling people what they want to hear, but never following through with what they say. I know certain things can't be changed overnight. Some things that the government has neglected are to messed up to fix, it would take a decade or more. He has not made any change to this country, nor will he ever. He is useless and just a celebrity president. This country was so desperate for change, is why he won the election.I stand by my word that he has not keep his. What lame reason did he win this prize for anyway?
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    Actually pone he is following on his promises just that some people are being a hindrance because they don't want him to succeed.
    As regards the peace prize I guess the nobel committee knew what it was doing as its not the first time they've awarded it for the purpose of momentum.
    If it was the peace prize in economics or maybe the sciences then I'd be equally disgusted but as for the reasons given,I agree with the committee's decision over the bigger picture.
    A podcast on this:

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