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Thread: Stepp Savage With That Underground Raw

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    just wanted to let you know about a new events. If you want a little preview ***edited since the test is over for today*** since he is doing a test stream right now. (Hip Hop)

    He will introduce himself later here.

    To get the latest event list / apply for an event click here to get more info


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    Whats the deal all? Ill be transmitting live from the Sewer System Saturday night. The Sewer System is a remote location in Harrisburg ,PA USA (90miles NW of Philly). Ill be bringing you the latest in Underground Hip Hop as well as those Classics , with some Soul and Funk , as well as some Savage production. Tune in and peep the vibe. JEAH!!!

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    Quality is fine at my side (no skipping / buffering) at all.

    Any other feedback welcome !

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    I did not test your stream yet, but normally I experience with 24kbps s(Modem) treams on shoutcast is the best. Any higher rates are buffering to often on my dialup - win98 system :)


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