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Thread: Full Studio Mx Version On Kazza

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    hey everyone,

    i need studio mx 2004 [ FULL VERSION ] but i wuld rather get it on kazaa cuz i got the lite version.
    Does ne1 know if it is on kazza?

    if not, would sum1 be able to place it in their kazaa shared folder and let me dlwd it?

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    have a look here

    (the highlighted bits mean that you have SEARCHED for those words )

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    ive found the studio mx file on kazza -> Macromedia.Studio.MX.2004.ISO-TDA.ShareReactor.bin but no one is sharing...

    could sum1 who has this file start sharing on kazza so that i can get a copy?

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    yea i am reaaaaaallly wanting that software myself but nobody wants to give it up

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    get eMule or eDonkey, go to ShareReactor, and get it from the source.

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Get it off of the Supernova Site for Bittorrent...that thing hauled..couldn't believe how fast i got that program


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