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Thread: Microsoft Virtual Machine

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    As part of our January 2001 settlement agreement with Sun, which was intended to resolve disputes concerning Microsoft’s development and distribution of the Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM), Microsoft will no longer be authorized by Sun to have the ability to support the Microsoft VM after January 2, 2004. As a result, we will stop including the Microsoft VM in new releases of Windows and other products, and we will stop distributing Microsoft® Visual J++® as well. We recognize that many of our customers have invested in programs that make use of the Microsoft VM, and we want to work with you over the coming months to help you migrate to alternate solutions.

    Download here

    Read first !

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    sun java is the buggiest thing you can ever install with IE...

    go virtual machine. I think i'll get that after my next format

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    The Microsoft VM is included with XP Service Pack 1 if you have/get the version called:


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