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Thread: Dedicated Server VS Refurbished Server

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    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between Dedicated Server VS Refurbished Servers?

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    53's dedicated servers are their new line of server offerings. The Refurbished Servers are their old server plans. Basically, a refurbished server is a server that one of their older clients is no longer renewing. Instead of modifying the server so it has the same specs as their new plans, their just selling them again under a different name.

    They're both dedicated servers, their just different plans (ie different amounts of RAM and HDD space).

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    I have one of each: Old Plan DS2000, New Plan AS2000 and Refurbished RS2000..

    All run great. With exception of some slight difficulties during setup of the refurbished RS2000, they are steady workhorses.

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    the old servers are cheaper, less powerful, and have 2 HDDs instead of only one. The last point can be interesting to share the box between several users because it reduces the I/O problem.

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    So you can use the as a dedicated seedbox?

    They do not complain about that you are consuming a lot of bandwith?

    This is coppied from their site.

    "Our bandwidth policy was developed to ensure that every customer gets his fair share of the total bandwidth available. Consequently, the following activities are not covered by our unmetered traffic policy:

    This is why bandwidth intensive applications such as:

    P2P (bittorrent, edonkey, ...)

    I have great peering with them so it would be nice to use them as my seedboxprovider.

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    Lot's of seedbox providers resell servers. They don't like that you're torrenting, per se, but they don't have a problem with it.
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    They throttled some boxes whith a very high bw usage (like resellers), but I don't think it's a problem for an individual to consume 5/10TB / month for example. They have no problem with P2P, only very high bw usage, and if they receive too many complaints, so it's advised to only use it on private trackers, and avoid CAM/pre-screener of big movies on TL.

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    Yeah Server.Lu is good and you don't have to go through a reseller to get your dedi-box. Just buy straight from them. Vars is right, some of the best seedbox providers run boxes which I think is significant.

    I've never had a throttled experience on my boxes and you get access to your management console no matter what plan.

    Too bad they raised prices. Still the refurbs are a good pretty deal and I think more powerful than the Kimi C-05 celeron..

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    Anyway to get these boxes without the set up fees?

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