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Thread: Flight Sim

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    I share a lot of music files and now want to try games and programs.
    Which Flight Sim is compatible with XP and in the search several came up how do I know which one is right.Some were small files too small for a programme what are these.

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 worked for me on XP

    Download this:
    (This a p2p client like Kazaa)
    Search "Flight Simulator" in "PC Games"
    Click on the FS2004 Link (not clone cd)
    check all boxes, hit "select files"
    then "add selected files"
    -This will automatically launch Shareaza and start downloading
    -For more "sources" go to Network-Select Network- and make sure all three are selected
    (There's 4 CD's 2.1 Gigs) so be patient.

    you can also go to instead of

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    history of flight is the best out, sweet but its 4 disc, should be at suprnova still

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    Thanks both, have downl'd shareaza and will be on line for 5.4 days; is this really the way to go.Have done the network settings thing but still not as good as kaz.


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