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Thread: Freddy Vs Jason Vcd Format

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    The only freddyvsjason I can download is some shitty .avi that is crap quality... please help.

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    Go to and then go to digital update forum or bt.retrostate and u should find it there or even on kazaa.

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    There is only one DivX version of FREDDY VS JASON on Kazza lite that works.

    Search PIO or DivX in Video section on KAZZA or Kazza Lite.
    And you find it. Its always the one with the most users. I evevn have it.

    Glad to HELP!
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    under your search type in daduck under media or video files and you should get a decent quality copy i have the movie myself daduck is excellent at encoding movies

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    My problem is that I have a really crap computer so with a file of 600mb or so it doesn't really run.... if I was able to find a vcd file which I believe is mpg then I'd be able to burn it straight to cd and watch it on my dvd player....


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