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Thread: God is Watching: Cinema Warns Torrenting Pirates

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    God is Watching: Cinema Warns Torrenting Pirates
    By Jane McEntegart, published on October 13, 2009

    " Every time you torrent, God kills a cinema.

    In a time when movies and TV shows are just one click away, big movie theatre chains worry about pirates downloading unreleased movies and watching them at home instead of forking over up to ten bucks to watch the same titles in the cinema. For smaller, independent movie theatres, piracy is just as big an issue.

    The Prince Charles Cinema in London is the only independent cinema in London's West End. While wandering around SoHo last night, I happened past PCC and caught a glimpse of the novel way this cinema is trying to prevent torrenting.

    I don't know how effective this is but it's definitely a change from the usual stuff you hear coming from the MPAA. "


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    I m touched... from now on I ll stop torrenting

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    they used to show comercials about being a pirate and torrenting be4 the film in a couple of local cinemas i attend, but that only lasted maybe a month.

    $10? lol, the minimum i spend @ the alamo is roughly $25. more if the movie is good.
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    GOD...What or who Is that? Or is it a new movie coming out soon? God kills a cinema. I bet This GOD device who's going to kill cinema is available in book form. I'll keep my eye out for it, GOD
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    How about if "God" kills one of the idiots who feels the need to talk or repeat the lines of the movie behind me? Maybe then I'll be more willing to pay for a movie. As it is, going to a theater is more of an aggravation than a pleasure. The cost isn't really the issue for me. My past experiences have been so bad that I don't WANT to see movies in theaters- even if they were free!

    Not to mention the MPAA and their efforts to damage the internet. No thanks.
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    Ya' know, torrenting ain't illegal. Yet.

    And you can share non-copyrighted files with it too. dumbasses
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    well since I'm a Christian I stick with usenet and ddl

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    They shouldn't have used the word God. That was just stupid of them.

    But I do kind of agree with this. Well, with the independent theaters at least. I try going at least once every week or two to the independent one over by me. It's been around since the 30's or some shit, and is only $3.50 to get in. So I would hate to see this one ever close down.

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    definitely stupid to say God kills a Cinema.

    And now I'm sure more noobs will google up what torrenting is and land on tpb, more pirates will board the torrenting ship with the help of their stupidity.

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    Nice slogan, gave me a good laugh. What does god have to do with anything? We'll all go to hell for torrenting, sure... Not all the stuff that is available in the torrent world is copyrighted material.

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